Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companies in AllenTown

1Resurface Hardwood Floors

Looking to upgrade the look of your hardwoods? Moving into a home that needs floor refinishing? Discover the local contractors that can make your floor refinishing project a breeze. There is nothing that makes a first impression than wood floors that look new. When you walk into a home the floors and paint job make a huge impact. If you want to have your home feel fresh then a professional floor renewal project would be a great investment for your home.

2Fresh Hardwoods Make A Dramatic Impact

If you have vision and foresight then you know small changes in your home can have a dramatic impact. Wall colors can do wonders, but having fresh refinished floors adds the wow factor. Hardwood floors are not cheap to replace and in most cases this is far from necessary. Hiring the right company to come in sand the floors and add a nice new color make for the perfect refinished look.

3Stain Color Choices

Choosing the right color for your hardwood floors is important. You need to consider a number of factors. What are your personal preferences? How will they coordinate with the paint color you are using on the walls? How will the overall product look with your cabinet colors and furniture. This is an important decision in getting the most from your refinishing project. So before you tell your flooring contractor your decision be sure to visit the local showroom and bring home samples to place on your current floors. If your still not sure then sit on the idea for a couple of days and come back to your samples before letting your hardwood company know your final decision.


“I can't speak highly enough of the company who refinished my hardwood floors.”

-Your Customer, AllenTown, PA

“The floor refinishing guys did an excellent job. They were timely and professional.”

-Your Customer, Allentown, PA